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New York Knicks Join Lakers As Most 'Overpriced' NBA Team for Fans?

While we wait for improvement, the Knicks invite us to drown our sorrows court-side, but beware: A beer at a Knicks game costs $13.76 ... or 86 cents an ounce.
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"The fan experience'' is in large part about you getting "the bang for your buck.'' As a new study lists the New York Knicks "experience'' as one of the NBA's most expensive, the question is naturally raised ...

Is it worth is?

An examination of the issue by sports media company OhBets analyzed data from every NBA team, including the average cost of resale tickets, cost of a glass of beer, the price of arena food and the cost of parking per game.


The Golden State Warriors are the most expensive NBA team to follow, with costs potentially adding up to $681.92 a game - and the argument Warriors bosses could make while flashing their title rings is, "Hey, we're worth it!''

Next up? The Los Angeles Lakers, and in-person cost of $551.89. What would be management's defense there? The thrill of watching LeBron James not make the playoffs?

And then comes No. 3 overall, your Knicks, struggling to get to .500. Get a ticket, a hot dog, a beer, a parking spot and a seat and your average per person cost is ... $407.06.

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Knicks fans know all too well the part of this "experience'' that doesn't live up to its billing: The team isn't good enough to merit it.

At the same time, this is New York. The cost of living is what it is.

Additionally, this is Madison Square Garden, a magnetic mecca for sports fans.

And of course, there is the history of the past and the promise of the future, even as Knicks fans wish that future would hurry up and get here.

While we wait? The local NBA team invites us to drown our sorrows court-side, but beware: A beer at a Knicks game costs $13.76 ... or 86 cents an ounce.

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