Knicks Make Aller, Perrin, and Zanin Hirings Official

Kris Pursiainen

The Knicks have officially announced the hires of their new Vice President and two assistant General Managers, Brock Aller, Walt Perrin, and Frank Zanin, as well as the extension of general manager Scott Perry. My initial report on Aller joining the team as its new vice president of basketball and strategic planning can be found here; my report on Perrin becoming the director of college scouting here; and my report on Zanin here.

Leon Rose said that he has put together a "diverse front office comprised of highly regarded and experienced basketball executives who have influenced some of the most successful players and organizations in the league." I cannot disagree with Rose here, as the league perception of the Knicks' hires has been positive thus far. Rose truly did find executives who are seasoned and should be able to bring important and different kinds of experience to the team. 

Rose added that Aller, Perrin, and Zanin will be able to complement the organizational structure that is already in place, as well as assist the team in creating strategies to build a team that fans will be proud to support. The news release also contains information regarding the executives' resumes, making note of things such as Aller's key front office role in Cleveland's 2016 championship, Perrin's role in helping the Jazz draft Gordon Hayward, Paul Millsap, Deron Williams, Rudy Gobert, and Donovan Mitchell, and Zanin's work, mostly with Oklahoma City and Brooklyn.

These hirings should be seen as good signs to Knicks fans, as they signify a shift in ideology in terms of who the franchise is bringing in to run the team. Rose is looking for experienced front office members who have specifically worked with teams that are exceptionally well-run. Hopefully Rose, along with Aller, Perrin, Zanin, and Perry, will be able to construct a team that will be able to compete now and in the future.