Report: Knicks Hire Tom Thibodeau as Head Coach

Kris Pursiainen

ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski has made the long-awaited results of the New York Knicks' coaching search official: Leon Rose and the front office have chosen Tom Thibodeau as the team's leader.

Wojnarowski added that Rose and agent Spencer Breeker of CAA Sports, from where Rose recently departed to take his current job, are working together to finish and finalize the contractual details. 

Thibodeau will join the Knicks after reaching the playoffs in five out of his five seasons in Chicago and breaking the playoff drought of the Minnesota Timberwolves as the head coach and president of the organization. Coach "Thibs" was also a Knicks assistant from 1996-2004, which may lead one to think he'll have an easy time settling into his new job - and the intense pressure that comes with being not just an NBA coach, but the coach of the Knicks. 

The team's complete list of candidates included other coaches such as Kenny Atkinson, Mike Miller, and Mike Woodson – some of which are reportedly still candidates to join Thibodeau's staff.

Thibodeau, with his infamous style of coaching, will be tasked with helping to improve a Knicks team that may be in the best place in recent franchise history in terms of its "future" assets; RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Frank Ntilikina, three picks in the 2020 NBA Draft (two of them first-rounders), and the rest of the team's draft capital and young players make up a respectable asset bank that, whether used to acquire star talent or not, allows for some optimism in terms of projecting the organization's future.

The Knicks are certainly in no position now to be contenders, but they have a head coach who has lead and helped to build several winning teams. With proper management of the team's assets by both Rose and his front office and Thibodeau, the fans of New York might get to see Thibodeau lead another winning team – this time, in their own city.