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Lakers News: Fan Finds Darvin Ham's Abandoned Storage Unit Full of Coaching Notes

A fan found hundreds of pages of Darvin Ham's confidential coaching information.

In one of the stranger stories in recent memory, a Los Angeles Lakers fan apparently found an abandoned storage unit belonging to Darvin Ham that featured quite a bit of his old coaching paperwork, including identification cards, scouting reports, and personnel information. 

The identification cards included his Atlanta Hawks key card/name tag, along with his Lakers' assistant coach business card, that he received during his 2011-2013 tenure with the team.

Footage of the contents of the storage unit doesn't go as in-depth as fans would hope, as it only shows the cover of certain documents that likely feature a plethora of coveted information, including scouting reports and possibly, more critical personnel insight. 

There's limited clarity as to whether or not Ham violated some sort of rule by putting this information in such a bizarre place, as it would make a lot more sense to hold coaching information inside of your house, office, or anywhere but a storage unit that you don't have easy access to. 

This is also concerning as it suggests that Ham isn't utilizing much of the information from his previous coaching tenures that could be valuable in his current role. 

Expect Ham to be asked about this in his next interactions with the media, but this is a display of gross incompetence from someone already heavily scrutinized by fans.