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Lakers News: Fans Stunned By Anthony Davis' Offseason Metamorphosis

Should we all be this encouraged?

Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis has never really wanted to be an NBA center.

The Brow was something of a unicorn when he first entered the league, as the No. 1 overall draft pick out of Kentucky in 2012. A power forward with the ball handling skills of a lead guard and the athleticism of a small forward, he was a near-instant two-way star for the New Orleans Pelicans, despite some early injury woes (that would become a recurring theme). At 6'10" and a listed 222 pounds, with a listed 7'5.5" wingspan, AD had legitimate center size from the minute he joined the league. 

But he never wanted the responsibility of the position, as a team's last line of defense, and seemed concerned about banging his body against the league's biggest players in the post.

As age sapped him a bit of his first step, and the league got smaller and more skilled throughout the 2010s, Davis' transition to the center position started to feel inevitable, despite his protestations. He eventually lost his jumper after LA won the title in 2020. And whether or not he played in the paint against sizable centers seemed to have little bearing on his health, as he has missed an average of 28.5 games during his four years as a Laker thus far. 

Last season, his weight was listed at 253 pounds, after he committed to bulking up as he fully embraced is role as a full-time five. Now, it appears that AD has taken the next steps towards handling opposing centers in 2023-24. 

New stills of Davis working out suggest that he's continued to pack on the pounds this summer, and suddenly looks like a comic book superhero.

Lakers fans on Twitter/X ("The Social Media Platform Formerly Known As Twitter?") have noticed:

It certainly seems they think the bodily change will do Los Angeles good next year:

One fan seemed incredibly bullish on the Lakers' 2023-24 prospects with this "Jacked AD" incarnation on display:

Okay, fine, more than one:

Things also got, well, optimistic.

It's hard to claim the Larry O'Brien Trophy when you're missing 28.5 games a year. But that didn't seem to stop LA fans from hoping:

In just 56 contests last year (his second-most as a Laker), Davis averaged 25.9 points on 56.3% shooting from the floor and 78.4% from the free throw line, 2.6 assists, 2.0 blocks, 1.1 steals and a career-most 12.5 rebounds, per bout.

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