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Injured Stephen Curry to Rejoin Warriors Ahead of Saturday’s Clash vs Lakers

Will Curry play versus the Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers' upcoming opponent, the Golden State Warriors, might be getting Stephen Curry back for the Lakers-Warriors clash on Saturday.

Curry sprained his ankle last Thursday while the Warriors were playing the Chicago Bulls. Curry has missed the Warriors' last two games against the San Antonio Spurs and is expected to miss the team's game against the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday.

However, the Warriors said Tuesday that Curry has been cleared to resume workouts with the team in the Bay Area. He will join the team again to practice in Los Angeles, via ESPN's Kendra Andrews. 

There is still a possibility that Curry will play against the Lakers, though his status is not official at this point. 

While Curry's playing would prove more of a challenge to the Lakers, it would improve the quality of the game. Some of the best Warriors-Lakers games have come when both LeBron James and Curry were available to play. 

This included earlier this season, when the Lakers defeated the Warriors 145-144 on Jan 27 in an intense overtime contest that has arguably been the best game of the season. Meanwhile, the Lakers-Warriors game was much less interesting on Feb 22, when James was unavailable and the Warriors controlled the game en route to a 128-110 win.

When both James and Curry are available to play, there is a much higher chance of the game producing an instant classic with two of the best to do it going against each other. For the sake of the game, it would be great for both players to be healthy to play.