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Laker News: Kyle Kuzma Reveals He Was Almost Previously Traded To The Kings For Buddy Hield

Kuz spills the 'almost' trade when he appeared on No Chill With Gilbert Arenas
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Before Kyle Kuzma was to be traded to the Washington Wizards for Russell Westbrook, it appears that was not the deal he expected to be done. While appearing on No Chill With Gilbert Arenas, Kyle dropped a bomb. He was ready to go to the Sacramento Kings in a deal for Buddy Hield.

“I was kinda shocked because I thought I was going to Sac. [The trade for] Buddy Hield, that sh*t was done. I’m thinking in my head ‘Okay, well, I’m in Sac’–45-minute flight, not bad. But then out of nowhere, it goes ‘you’re going to Washington.'"

Obviously this did not happen. In the end, the Lakers sent Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and a pick to the Washington Wizards for NBA superstar Russell Westbrook. Multiple outlets confirm Kuzma's story, however. The Kings were ready to trade Buddy Hield for "Kuz."

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In the end it appears that for Kuzma, this situation is ideal for all parties. 

“I was super-hyped, obviously, because it’s a better situation. Going to Sacramento would’ve been fun, I would’ve went crazy for sure. But to have the opportunity to play with Brad Beal–someone that is trying to really be a winner in this league–is just the perfect opportunity,” said Kuzma.

Let's be honest. The appeal of playing with Bradley Beal for Kuzma has to be better than heading to a Kings franchise that lacks a solid squad. He would have certainly gotten a voluminous amount of shot attempts in Sacramento, but he has a real chance to win some games and compete in the playoffs out in Washington. 

For the Lakers, having Buddy Hield would have been great, too. He's a deadeye shot from outside, (.406 for his career) and is an all-around above average shooting guard. However, getting one of the best players in the NBA in Russell Westbrook was the biggest win.