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When one glances at Anthony Davis statistics, they seem to run in parallel with most of his career numbers: 51% shooting from the field, 52% effective field goal percentage. The one statistic that does stand out is the poor three-point shooting: 7 for 42 for 16.7% shooting.

Per, Davis makes about 6 shots from within five feet, which skews his field goal percentage up to 71.3%. However, that number drops to 41.7% from just five to nine feet. From 10 to 14 feet, he shoots a terrifying 31.8%. Although, it is discouraged from today’s league to shoot anywhere from the 10 to 20 feet range, big men, especially of Davis’ caliber, should not be shooting south of 35% from that range.

After shooting a career low of 73.8% from the free throw line last season, Davis is even shooting it worse so far this year at 73.3%. As a career 80% shooter from the line, it does make one wonder if his shooting mechanics just aren't there right now, especially when shooting it stationary, with nobody guarding.

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According to ESPN Kirk Goldsberry, he drew up an infograph on the Brows' struggles with his jumpers. With a points per shot average of 0.71, that puts Davis dead last of players who have attempted at least 150 jumpers.

For added context, StatMuse broke down Davis’ shots with jumpshots, midrange, and threes. At this rate, AD is setting himself to break infamous records this season.

Ranking dead last consistently in all jump shooting aspects is definitely troubling, but at least Davis is not being hesitant shooting them, like Ben Simmons would be. Could this have to do with the added muscle he got during the offseason? Or perhaps, this is simply just mental. It may be a combination of both, but he really does need to get going if the Lakers are to have any chance of competing against the cream of the crop teams in the league.