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The Lakers came out in their game against the Heat on Sunday and looked flat. Much like their start in Orlando, Los Angeles failed to make stops and did not get the offense going early enough to give them a shot.

In the first half, the Lakers scored 52 points but allowed Miami to put up 69 of their own. Going into the second half with a 17 point deficit certainly is not a recipe for success the way that they have been playing. 

After the loss, Avery Bradley spoke about the Lakers' late revival. They were able to put up 37 points in the 4th quarter, but it wasn't nearly enough.

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“I think the main thing was the intensity. Just a little too late. We not only dug a hole for ourselves, but I think when we tried to match their intensity, the referees I would say they weren’t ready for our intensity, it was almost too late when we tried to raise our level of play.

They managed to slow down the Heat a little bit, but the Lakers still lost by 6. Bradley continued to say that the team is failing to learn from their mistakes and that a team led by veterans like they are needs to be better at that.

“We are not learning from our mistakes and as a veteran team as a team that is looking to go far in the postseason, I feel like we have to correct our mistakes and learn from those. We just have to play better. It’s unfortunate, but tonight I liked our fight, but it was too late like I said.”

The Lakers turned the ball over 18 times and had 20 points scored against them off of those. And while LeBron once again turned it on offensively, it just wasn't enough. If they don't start learning from their mistakes soon, their season might be over much sooner than fans hope.