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As we approach the regular season, it is fun to look at the over and under of how many games the Lakers will win this season. Currently, the total had previously been around 52.5 wins, but the public seems to be banging the over, as that total has increased to 53.5 recently.

Honestly, this number seems too high for me to be confident in either the over or the under. Vegas odds  for the Lakers are usually not the best bets to take, because Laker fans usually bet on Laker’s success, hence skewing the odds.

On a recent Bill Simmons podcast, Ryen Russillo brings up some important factors that may happen throughout the season. He himself went with the under, and everything he says absolutely makes sense.

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“The reasons I would go under is not just age and injury history, but Vogel trying to figure this whole deal out. Trying to figure out the rotation, and figure out the personalities. This collection of people they put together, there’s going to be a couple guys that are really bummed out about what their role is. I can see Vogel trying to appease people in the beginning of the season, and Westbrook who’s going to have to figure out a way to somehow adapt. There’s just some things with Westbrook that will never going to change. The only reason it’s going to be under is Vogel is getting through it all, resting some guys here and there. I think they’re still the best team in the West.

This is where I like the Westbrook trade for the regular season. His energy and his care helps bring them that kind of energy in the regular season that will help them get through those months that are slogged. There’s going to be stretches where Rondo and Melo are watching Kendrick Nunn and Talen Horton-Tucker play ahead of them when it actually matters, and those guys aren’t going to love that.”

Even though Russillo doesn’t love the over on the total, he still thinks the Lakers are the team to beat in the West.

“They already know the two main pieces work together. They won a title, and it’s pretty clear they would have done some damage last year again too. Remember how good this team was the first thirty plus games in? I think all of us that cover this stuff are going, ‘alright, they won a title, say what you want about the opponents, which is a fair criticism but they still won a title’. But when they came in on paper, this team is better than the team that just won a title, and they even held up a little bit through some of the injuries, which was crazy…The only reason it’s an under for me, they’re the favorites in the West."

If you had to chose, would you personally take the over or under? If there was a gun to my head, I would probably lean towards the under just to be safe.