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The age-old debate of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball is alive and well. And depending on where you grew up or what era you first started watching basketball, chances are your answer is going to be very different from someone else. 

But whenever a star player speaks up about the all-time greatest, it's always interesting to hear. It's even more interesting when there are several Lakers players listed by someone. 

That was apparently the case for Golden State star Draymond Green. In a recent appearance on Throwing Bones, Green gave his own Top 5 All-Time NBA list. And it is riddled with Lakers stars. 

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MJ, Bron, the way, I don't get off into naming people that is not in my generation. Like Wilt Chamberlin. I didn't see Wilt Chamberlin play. I can't speak on that. Magic and Steph. 

It makes sense that Green would choose LeBron as one of his top 5. Not only is he one of the greatest to ever play the game, but Draymond has seen more than his fair share of matchups on the biggest stage with Bron. 

Jordan is the easy pick for obvious reasons. But there are people out there who would argue that Kobe Bryant is not a top 5 player of All-Time. Lakers fans would certainly like to argue against that sentiment. 

So there you have it. Draymond Green's list consists of 3 Lakers, and he cant take it back now.