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Lakers fans got to breathe a sigh of relief a couple of weeks ago when the Boston Celtics lost the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors. A small, petty pleasure was the fact that the Celtics let the Warriors clinch the title in Boston at the TD Garden.

The Lakers-Celtics rivalry dates back to the middle of last century, but most would argue the rivalry was at its peak in the 1980's. Boston and Los Angeles faced each other in three NBA Finals in the span of four years, with the Lakers winning two of the three matchups. 

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic were right at the center of it all and Cap still harbors plenty of resentment towards the Celtics.

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Kareem was asked what the best condiment was, and his answer was nothing short of ruthless.

“The tears of the 1985 Celtics when they lost to the Lakers in the finals.” 

Some rivalries, last forever.