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The Clippers got the better of the Lakers in their first matchup of the season last night, when they lead wire to wire and won 119-115.

Clippers backup center Isaiah Hartenstein played a crucial role, as he scored 11 points in 16 minutes. The Lakers went small with LeBron James at the five, and Clippers head coach Tyron Lue ran pick and roll with Hartenstein rolling, picking apart the Lakers defense.

After the game, Isaiah Hartenstein went on Instagram to hype his team, something a lot of players do after wins.

Kendrick Nunn has yet to play a game for the purple and gold, but that did not stop him from taking part in the LA battle turf war. Nunn boasted as if he is the key missing piece for the Lakers to get back into their winning ways.

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K-Nunn is currently sitting out with a right knee bone bruise without a timetable. It is hilarious how confident Nunn feels, but then again most players in the NBA have to be confident to remain relevant in the best league in the world.

In two seasons, Nunn is a career 15 points per game scorer, with a 36% shooting clip from the perimeter. The Lakers could definitely use his ability to stretch the floor and create better spacing on offense. However, like many players on the current roster, Nunn has never been one to impact the game drastically on the defensive end. His small frame presents issues especially when bigger guards and wings are switched onto him.

Rumors have been flying about the Lakers perhaps trading to bring back certain pieces—especially defensively—to help improve the Lakers. With the team’s assets pretty dire, Nunn’s $5 million contract presents itself as one of the better options for the Lakers if they are to pursue a trade. 

Hopefully, Nunn does come back and bring a missing element that the Lakers sorely need offensively. Personally, I just do not think it will make that big of a difference in terms of the Lakers starting to click.