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LeBron James knows what he wants, whether it is playing with his son Bronny James in the future, or finding a way to win another championship. There is a lot for the superstar to think about with next year being his 20th season. With that said, does that mean James will choose to stay in Los Angeles longer to battle it out for the Lakers? 

Well, Sam Amick from the Athletic does not think James will not pursue a contract extension. 

"Based on my conversations with people who have a strong sense of such things, it’s clear James is considering playing out this contract rather than signing a two-year extension this summer. If flexibility and freedom are the goals here, James (who is owed $44.4 million next season) could go back to the year-by-year approach he perfected in his second Cleveland stop," said Amick. 

Now, with a situation like this one, there will always be speculation, especially with the future of such a powerful player like LeBron James in question. However, how does the NBA star himself feel? 

James spoke with Amick for the Athletic and talked about how things are still up in the air.  

“The conversation hasn’t been talked about. Technically it’s because (with) the collective bargaining agreement (it) cannot even be discussed until later on in the year. So, you know, I know what’s out there. But we can’t even — myself and Rich — can’t even begin to talk with Rob, or the front office at all, because of the collective bargaining agreement. So (when) we get to that point, we’ll see,” said James.

Although it has not been talked about between James and the Lakers front office, this is something James is most likely thinking about. James has all of the leverage being the one thing that gave the Lakers a little hope of a spot in the play-in tournament this year. However time will tell, but there are not that many indications pointing toward an extension.