Lakers LeBron James Has Changed His Body This Offseason

A thinner, slimmer, LeBron James.
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The concern over the Lakers age and whether their aging roster can hold up over a full season has already become a full trope, and training camp hasn't even started yet. It appears however, that the Laker players are taking this concern seriously.

Nobody will be surprised to find out that LeBron James has spent his summer working on his body. His dedication to taking care of his physique is legendary. Per Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, it appears that James has slimmed down his weight this summer.

Entering his 19th season in the NBA, it appears James is trying to slim down to be able to keep up with the younger players in the NBA. There are stories of Kobe Bryant adding muscle to his body as he entered the second half of his career, as well as the well-known story of Michael Jordan adding as much muscle as he could in order to do battle with the hard-hitting Detroit Pistons. 

Anthony Davis has already been reported to have put on some more muscle this offseason. It appears James has gone the other direction, attempting to slim down.

The Lakers are coming off a season where they were bounced in the first round of the playoffs. This was disappointing to be sure, but the one positive that can be taken from that is that this summer the Lakers will be better rested to start the 82 game grind.

The Lakers are certainly looking forward to a regular NBA schedule this season, and one that starts with well-rested stars like James and Davis.