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Lakers: Los Angeles Has a Chance to Go On a Hot Streak Over the Next 2 Weeks

If there is a time to get rolling, it's now for the Lakers.

As it stands, the Lakers are 11-11 and severely underperforming in the early part of the NBA season. Roster health has played a role, but overall, the team has simply yet to play up to its full potential. And any team that is headlined by LeBron James has championship potential. 

But these next few weeks could be a really good opportunity for the Lakers to turn things around. Getting things going with a win over the Piston on Sunday was a good start. Taking down the Kings in Sacramento tonight would be an even better start.

But the fact that the Lakers are playing just two games this week could really help them. The team is tired, and a couple of overtime games that have gassed them out really make the timing of this break ideal. 

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After the Kings, the Lakers get to take on the Clippers, Celtics, and Grizzlies. Those are all very beatable teams that could get Los Angeles into a rhythm. Facing the Thunder and Magic after that series of games should also play heavily in their favor. 

The only team that the Lakers face that could present a problem over that span is the Dallas Mavericks. After that, they run into a bit of a difficult stretch. Games against the Bulls, Nets, and Suns all await them as we approach Christmas. 

Now is the time to get things headed in the right direction. It's paramount that the Lakers beat the teams that they should beat, and December is a great month to prove that they can. Possible additions of Trevor Ariza and later Kendrick Nunn should only help them in that pursuit. 

It's been a very tough season for the Lakers. But there is plenty of times to get things turned around and head back towards greatness.