Lakers News: A Kobe Bryant Auction Package Has Sneakers, A Signed Hublot, and NFT Artwork

Some Rare Kobe Bryant memorabilia pieces can be bid on, for a hefty price
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Kobe Bryant was more than just an NBA superstar. Like Michael Jordan before him and countless players in between, he was a fashion icon. Today it was announced that some unique Kobe Bryant collector pieces are going up for auction.

GDGC Enterprises along with WiseKey International Holdings announced the NFT auction bundle featuring two swanky items and a piece of digital artwork. The Hublot watch is a limited edition 18K rose gold King Power “Black Mamba” Chrono Tourbillion that the Black Mamba himself designed in 2013. Only 250 of these watches were ever made, and only three of them were made with rose gold, making this an absolutely unique collector's item. On the back, Kobe Bryant's signature is found on this beautiful timepiece.

The sneakers in this package are a pair of Nike Zoom 8's. These also include Kobe Bryant's signature. These shoes are purple.

The digital artwork included in the auction package is NFT by New York City-based artist Moshé Douglas.

The photos of these incredible pieces of collector's items can be seen here.

Some of the proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Los Angeles Make A Wish Foundation. 

The auction will start on Sept. 20 and end on the 24th, with the bidding starting at a cool $ 1,008,240. Save your pennies, Laker fans!