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There is a new buzz surrounding the Lakers as they prepare for the upcoming season. After revamping their roster over the summer, they are looking to put last year's struggles behind them and return to the Finals once again. 

Many of those hopes lay on the shoulders of Anthony Davis, who is entering his third season with Los Angeles. After a spectacular first year as a Laker, Davis took a slight dip in his numbers across the board in year two. His overall effectiveness dropped, and it was largely due to numerous injuries that never allowed him to find a rhythm in a shortened season. 

Many began to question his status as one of the league's best players, and it's safe to say that he's taken it quite personally. 

In an interview with Spectrum SportsNet's Allie Clifton, Laker's manager Rob Pelinka shared what has him excited for Davis heading into training camp and the new season. 

"I can say this without hesitation – Anthony Davis is the top two-way player our game has", said Rob Pelinka. "I really think that he is. The combination of what he can do defensively and offensively is hard to find and [it's] unmatched. I think he believes that about himself, and he knew the amount of work he wanted to put into this offseason."

This level of excitement has been echoed throughout the organization during the offseason. The team prioritized getting proven playmakers in free agency, which should only increase the number of open looks that Davis will see all season long. The Lakers front office has definitely noticed a new intensity in AD, but Pelinka doesn't think the general public has seen even a fraction of how much work LA's superstar has been putting in. 

"I don't think he's a guy that's going to be out there on social media trumpeting his workouts or posting videos, that's just not AD. But you can just tell, he's been in the facility. You can see the work he's done and you can tell that in his mind the number one thing is to win a championship, but a close second to that is showing the world that he's the best two-way player in today's game."

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We've already received reports that Davis is willing to play more center this year, which should increase his overall production thanks to all of the mismatches on the offensive end. With the added motivation of proving his doubters wrong, this could be a very memorable season for Anthony Davis and the Lakers. 

For the full interview and more insider details, tune into Spectrum SportsNet's 'Connected with...Rob Pelinka' on Tuesday afternoon after the Lakers Media Day Coverage. 

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