Lakers News: Carmelo Anthony Comments On LA's Age and NBA Experience

Carmelo appeared on "First Take" and shared his thoughts for the upcoming season.
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Carmelo Anthony (and LeBron James for that matter) are starting in on their 20th NBA season. Calling them 'veterans' may be understating their immense NBA experience.

This of course, has been the butt of many jokes about the Lakers overall age. Anthony however, on ESPN's "First Take" turned their age into a positive notion.

Stephen A. Smith posits that the only thing eluding Carmelo Anthony in his hall of fame career is an NBA championship. He also comments on the obviousness of the Lakers overall age. Anthony's response is both honest yet positive.

"Well I mean that's a fact...We old as hell Stephen you know that, in basketball sense. I just think that what we all bring to the table is a wisdom that a lot of people don't have, like the way we're going to be able to come together and hold each other accountable, have each other's backs. We have the most knowledge on this one team than the whole NBA have, I think. So if we can't put that together and make something work then that's on us."

Anthony's logic rests on a thought process that would make Sun Tzu proud. In "The Art of War" there is a commonly cited thought process of turning your weakness into an advantage. For example if the Lakers are old, their opponents are less experienced. This of course, is always dependent on execution, and surely a team full of youthful bodies will always be preferable for their stamina.

That said, Anthony and the Lakers have experience under their belts more than possibly any NBA team ever assembled.