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The NBA offseason has always been a time for players to relax and recover after a grueling season. In the podcast era, the NBA offseason has turned into a golden opportunity for players to appear in podcasts in a more casual atmosphere and provide their takes on various basketball topics. Former Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma went on Draymond Green's podcast recently and the 27-year-old had an interesting take on Austin Reaves.

At least on Reaves' desire to pick up a new nickname and rid himself of "Hillbilly Kobe" and "AR-15".

Kuzma thinks that the guard should keep both nicknames and explained why on the Draymond Green Show.

"Hillbilly Kobe is lit... That s--- is fire."

Draymond Green also supported Reaves keeping the "Hillbilly Kobe", as well as "AR-15".

"Brother, you should take those nicknames and try to run with them!"

Green was sure to mention that he understood the thought process behind shedding a firearm-based nickname.

"I definitely understand the thinking behind the AR-15 one, but I don't think anyone hearing the words 'AR-15' on the basketball court and thinking weapons. I personally don't think that."

Back in July, Reaves was solicited help from Lakers fans for a new nickname. The Lakers guard explained that he doesn't think either of his current nicknames are appropriate - out of respect to Kobe and his views on gun violence in America - to ESPN's Dave McMenamin.

At the moment, Reaves hasn't fully decided on a new nickname, but Green and Kuzma clearly believe that no change is needed.