By now the jokes about the the average age of the Lakers are all around the internet. It’s an easy fact to point out, and an even easier excuse to right them off for the upcoming season. However, the roster boasts a handful of future Hall-of-Famers who are more than capable of still shining out on the floor.

That is what has Dwight Howard so excited to return to Los Angeles for his third stint with the team.

“It will be crazy. It’s something that’s really hard to fathom, just imagine seeing all of us on the floor at the same time. Not on the All-Star team, not on the Olympic team, not for a charity game, but for an actual season, all of us will be together. So I think that’s gonna be great. All our guys are hungry, we want to win, we want to stay in the best shape as possible, so I think it’s gonna be an awesome time this year just having everybody on the floor practicing, going hard, understanding that it’s only one mission and that’s to win the championship.”

His presence last season was sorely missed. Marc Gasol wasn’t really a factor on defense, and Anthony Davis missed most of the season. Having him back on the team to pester opposing teams and drive up the lane. If Howard can reestablish control of the paint for the Lakers unlike they were able to do last year, it would go along way towards success.

While it looks like an old timers reunion at first glance, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Weirder things have happened around the league, so no one should be entirely shocked if they are able to pull off a championship run. If they can learn to put aside their egos and work together, the rest of the league should be cautious. 

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