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Lakers News: Experts Make Prognoses For How New-Look LA Will Perform This Year

LA should be one of the better teams in the league!

Most people would agree that the Los Angeles Lakers offseason was excellent. They brought back most of their core from the team that went to the Western Conference Finals last season, and they upgraded around the edges. 

They should see success again next season with this roster, and many believe they could challenge for the NBA title. Opposing teams will have to deal with their versatile lineups each night as they create problems on both sides of the ball. 

Bleacher Report spoke with different members of the NBA community to gauge what they thought of the Lakers for next season. 

B/R reached out to several executives, agents and other NBA sources to answer the question, "The Lakers are _______." Here's how they responded: "Better"

Per Bleacher Report

A full training camp and summer to gel together should also help this team. They were put together at the trade deadline last season and were forced to figure things out on the fly.

They all know what it takes to play together as a unit and what it takes to win in the postseason. That should help this team immensely as the season gets going in a few months.

However, if there are any issues with this team, it's that LA may be too top-heavy.

"Dependent on Their Stars" While eschewing a one-word answer, one Western Conference scout raised a valid point on the team's upper and lower bounds. The Lakers need tremendous seasons (regular and post) from LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The supporting players are strong, but the team is built around two stars."

Per Bleacher Report

Even with this, you can say this about almost any team. If the Denver Nuggets lost Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murry, they would be in trouble as well.

If James and Davis can stay healthy, the Lakers will be just fine. They proved that during the postseason. They will also be getting a more aggressive Max Christie, assuming he cracks the rotation. He should help them as a three-and-D wing. 

The quest for title number 18 starts now, and we should be in for a fun season. It could be the last with James on the roster, so don't take any of it for granted this year.

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