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Lakers News: "Fire Ham" Trends On Social Media In Aftermath Of Brooklyn Blowout

LA fans are fed up. But is that Darvin Ham's fault?

After your Los Angeles Lakers got thoroughly bodied in the second half of last night's home game against the sub-.500 Brooklyn Nets, ultimately losing 130-112, furious LA fans took to Twitter/X and quickly got the topic "Fire Ham" trending. 

Head coach Darvin Ham has been under extreme scrutiny of late for his questionable and seemingly ever-shifting starting lineups and general rotations, his apparent apathy towards the marathon of the NBA regular season, and now his team's 21-22 record.

Part of the issue is a relative dearth of three-point shooting on the roster. Another problem is the club's lack of personnel equipped to properly defend opponents' three-point shooting on the other end of the floor.

A hardcore Lakers fan created a morose Winnie The Pooh-esque figure while rooting for Los Angeles to ditch Ham and adjust the club's roster:

This was not an uncommon thought:

Another got specific with his trade demands:

One Lakers appreciator believes team owner Jeanie Buss is hesitant to ditch Ham because she'll still be on the hook for the rest of his contract:

One fan was frustrated with Ham's decision to hold off on adding Anthony Davis back into his lineup while Brooklyn went on a run in the second half:

Another Twitter profile believed that canning Ham is all Los Angeles needs to change this season, not making a trade:

One fan was apoplectic about the Lakers' miserable second half, in which the team was outscored 68-44: