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Lakers News: Former NBA All-Star Says LeBron James Work Ethic Is Second Only to Kobe Bryant

The Lakers are constantly blessed with generational work ethic.

The stories of Kobe Bryant's work ethic are legendary. The man had an obsessive drive to be better than he was the day before. There is nobody on planet earth with the kind of drive and work ethic that Bryant had. Except for maybe Michael Jordan.

Then there is LeBron James. James' worth ethic should not be overlooked, especially according to his former NBA and Olympic teammate, Deron Williams.

Williams and James played together in the Olympics, but Williams also finished out his NBA career in Cleveland next to James. Williams was a great playmaker and passer during his prime. Williams was recently on a podcast titled, "All The Smoke" hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. He had this to say about playing with James.

“It was great. I mean, I had played with LeBron in 2 Olympics, so of course, I knew him and what he brought to the table. It was great. When I talk about work ethics, besides Kobe being around him in the Olympics, LeBron has the best work ethic that I’ve been around. His basketball mind is unbelievable. I consider myself a pretty smart human when it comes to the game of basketball, but his mind works differently."

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James' basketball IQ and his mental motivation are impressive, especially how elite his game still is 20 years into his NBA career. Since the day James was drafted he has been described as a unicorn of athletic ability; a player with size, speed, IQ, and unlimited physical gifts. Many players are given gifts. It is clear that with James his dedication and work ethic is what has made him one of the best to ever play.