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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant's 2014 Investment Demolishes His NBA Earnings

Remeber that investment into Body Armor? It was a good one.

Kobe Bryant was always more than an NBA star. The late Lakers legend always impressed with his business savvy nature and desire to know more about virtually everything in life. He wasn't just a student of the game, he was a true student of life. 

Back in 2014, Bryant invested in an up-and-coming sports drink called Body Armor. Seven years later, that investment is proving to have paid off big for his family. 

The latest report suggests that Bryant's initial $6 million investment into Body Armor is now worth close to $800 million. That's a gain of over 13,000 percent for those keeping track at home. 

For reference, Bryant made just over $323 million in his entire NBA career with the Lakers. That means that his Body Armor investment is worth 2.5 times what he made while playing. 

But that just summed up who Kobe was as a person. He was always thinking 10 or 15 steps ahead of everyone else and always learning. Now that the Lakers legend has passed, his family will no doubt be very well taken care of. 

All thanks to Kobe just being Kobe.