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When fans think of the Lakers winning back-to-back titles in 2009, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are the two names that quickly come to mind, and for good reason. Kobe and Pau were the two best players on those Lakers teams that took down the hated Boston Celtics in a revenge rematch to win their second title. But fans are also quick to admit that without Lamar Odom, the Lakers wouldn't have won those titles.

At the height of his powers, Odom was an All-Star caliber forward who can morph into whatever the Lakers needed on the court given the situation. 

In a recent TMZ video, Odom talked about how he sees the late Kobe in his dreams.

"He comes to me in dreams, often. [He's] just talking to me all the time."

When asked what Kobe says to him, Odom responded:

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"Hang in there. Keep fighting.' A lot of [expletive]. Don't quit."

During the interview, Odom showed off a neck tattoo of Kobe's face and was asked how often he has dreams of Bryant.

"All the time, especially when I dream of him. His spirit, it's so strong. To me, he's like not too far away. Especially when you're dreaming of someone, and they talk to you in that dream, you're definitely going to remember it."

Odom has been through it all. After being included in the nixed Chris Paul trade in the winter of 2011 (thanks David Stern), a broken Odom was never quite the same. Los Angeles ended up shipping him to Dallas before the lockout shortened season began, but L.O.'s basketball career and his life spiraled out of control.

Now, Odom appears to be in significantly better health, which is something every Lakers fan wants to hear.

The words of his legendary teammate deserve some of the credit.