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LeBron James has made it no secret that he loves playing with Austin Reaves in LA, but watching Reaves play for Team USA seems to have made LeBron appreciate him a little bit more.

Many players have looked up to LeBron as a teammate, and LeBron has formed a lot of friendships on the court that piggyback into success. 

Think of Dwayne Wade in Miami and Kyrie in Cleveland. 

So could this blossoming friendship turn into long-lasting success on the court? Only time will tell.

LeBron has always seen something in Reaves, even when his role was as a bench player getting minimum playing time, and he was contributing wherever he can.

But contributing where he can is what made LeBron start liking Reaves so much. His versatility adds so much to the Lakers roster, and the clutch shot-making ability off the bench adds a whole new angle to the Lakers' roster.

When Steve Kerr put Reaves into the game as one of the first guys off the bench, it showed that not only do the Lakers have faith in Reaves as a reliable role player, but one of the game's best coaches also trusts reaves to produce in big moments.

Even if he isn't a starter for Team USA, he's still doing what makes him so great as a basketball player: producing in clutch situations.

Earning the trust of "The King" is something that usually takes time. It's very rare for a 24 year old to get constant praise from one of the all-time greats of the sport. 

Here's what LeBron posted on his Instagram after Reaves' Game 6 halftime half-court buzzer beater

I mean like the tweet says, you just love to see it. You love to see LeBron enjoying his time still playing the sport with the supporting cast around him.

Do you think LeBron makes Austin Reaves better?