Lakers News: LeBron James and Russell Westbrook Appear In Nas' New Video

Westbrook and King James appear, in the hip-hop GOAT's new music video
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Get into a discussion with Hip-Hop fans about who the greatest Rapper of all time is, and Nas' name is surely to come up in the discussion. If it doesn't, run from that group of posers as fast as you possibly can. 

On August 6th, Nas released his 14th studio album, titled "King's Disease II." On Tuesday, Nas released a music video for the track titled, "Brunch on Sundays." If you look closely at the table, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook appear close to the head of the table with Nas. They're enjoying bottomless bellini's and the impressive spread.

In the discussion of the GOAT (the greatest of all time) the last few years has been LeBron James. People will debate who the greatest basketball player of all time is until the end of civilization, but seeing him in a video with arguably the greatest rapper of all time is a slick sight for Laker fans. 

You can see Nas' new video here, and his latest album is available everywhere.