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Lakers News: LeBron James Encouraged By LA's Chemistry on the Floor

King James and the new-look Lakers are coming together fast.

It feels like I have typed "winless preseason" about a hundred times so I am just not going to this time. The Lakers have had their struggles so far early on. It has been slightly overlooked that a team whose superstar players have only played a full game together is gaining chemistry already.

It is worth nothing (multiple times today) that this team is an almost entirely new roster. Only LeBron James and Anthony Davis are Lakers this season who were also Lakers last season. A team built of entirely new personnel is bound to take a good bit of time to build chemistry and an identity. After the Lakers loss to the Kings Thursday night, LeBron James said he was encouraged by one thing.

"Oh just our chemistry. I think we built our chemistry as the games went on, and on, and on. You know we're starting to learn each other. We try to learn each other every quarter, every time we was on the floor. That was the biggest thing that we can build from the games that we've played."

There was some chemistry put on full display for the Lakers, especially in spurts. Here are a few.

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James and Russell Westbrook clearly are getting a feel for each other's ability to run the floor and fill the lane. 

The double give-and-go from Westbrook and DeAndre Jordan may have been my favorite play from the entire night. This was run to "Stockton and Malone" levels of perfection.

If the Lakers can build on the chemistry that has been built in such a short time, keep their best players healthy, and get back the injured players they have already lost, then there's no fear. The Lakers are a championship team that is just starting to grow wings.