Lakers News: LeBron James Organizing A Team Mini-Camp Days Before Training Camp Starts

If this sounds familiar in LA, it's because it is.
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The Los Angeles Lakers, lead by LeBron James will be hosting a team minicamp, days prior to the Lakers actual training camp, in Las Vegas.

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“Sources tell me LeBron James has organized a three-day Lakers team minicamp in Las Vegas starting on Friday ahead of next week’s training camp,” The Athletic’s Shams Charania said. “James hosted a similar team function in 2019, the season that the Lakers won the 2020 NBA championship. The Lakers had acquired Anthony Davis in 2019 and were integrating him to the roster.

The symmetry between the weeks prior to the 2019 season and this season is perfection. This offseason the Lakers big acquisition was Russell Westbrook, and it looks like James and company want to make sure the chemistry with all the roster's new editions is smooth and crisp. With names like James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony--there are a lot of egos to put in the same building. This is not a bad thing, big players earn their egos. It is just paramount to have them all on the same page.

Lakers are looking to win their 18th Championship title after getting bounced in the first round last season.