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The Lakers are in an interesting spot at the moment. They've signed a slew of young players this offseason to bolster the roster, but the biggest question is whether not the front office will pull out the stops to acquire Nets guard Kyrie Irving. Right at the height of the Kyrie-to-LA rumors this weekend, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss posted a tweet that set off plenty of NBA chatter.

The tweet, laden with subliminal messages, wrapped in a tribute to Kobe, could be interpreted in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, a veiled shot at LeBron James and Klutch Sports or a warning to Kyrie Irving if he ends up in purple and gold. Or, anything in between.

Buss spoke of "team goals over your own" and a wistful comment that if Kobe would be able to "explain everything that I'm not allowed to". 

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In an appearance on The Herd this week, NBA reporter Ric Bucher condemned Buss for her oddly timed tweet.  

"In general, things that are this complex, I don't like anybody...I don't think it serves anybody to be tweeting subliminal messages, but certainly not the owner of a franchise as storied as the Los Angeles Lakers with where they are."

Bucher continued. 

"The problem is that this could be interpreted in many ways, but the heart of it is, I have a selfish team and we need to eradicate some of that selfishness. Now is it a shot at LeBron? Is it a shot at Russell Westbrook? Who's it a shot at? It's a shot at somebody, subliminally and not knowing that, is the scattergun that an owner can't afford to have."

Buss is a well-respected NBA figure, but her comments only add to what's been a drama-filled offseason for the Lakers.

As the governor of the Lakers, her tweet created more questions than answers, and Bucher for one believes her post to be a misstep.