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Lakers News: No Time To Panic, Just Time For the Lakers To Adjust

The start hasn't been pretty, but it's nowhere close to too late.

The start of the Lakers season has not been pretty. The Lakers are 0-4 and have lost most of those games by double digits.

The thing is, the Lakers have not even played in a single game that counts. They have not played a single game where their "big three" have played significant minutes. Are their issues? Yes, a lot of them. Some issues need resolving, but the Lakers haven't fully addressed them because it is becoming apparent that Coach Frank Vogel and the Lakers are playing this close to the vest.

The Lakers roster is a little old. Has anyone mentioned that? Yes get ready, we're going to start using that phrase, "load management." Laker fans sneered and snickered at this phrase a few seasons ago, but this will absolutely apply to the Lakers this season. They're already doing it. LeBron James didn't play in the last preseason game, and this may become a trend against weaker opponents or later in the season if the Lakers manage to have a good record and a good lead in the standings.

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Anthony Davis' track record on playing full seasons isn't exactly perfect. This isn't a knock on Davis, he is built like a tower. In the last preseason game, Davis was aggressive for the first time and he got beat up. His eyes were hit, his head. Playing an aggressive and quick game for a big man wears on the body. Even though it's "Revenge Season" for Davis, they're going to need to monitor his minutes.

Monitoring Davis' minutes comes with an added complication. The other two centers on the Lakers squad aren't exactly spring chickens. Dwight Howard has proven his body holds up over time because he's built like an adonis, but father time is undefeated--Howard is going to need rest. DeAndre Jordan's body already has the looks of one that father time that taken a toll on. Again, not a knock, Jordan has also had a long career. All this to say, load management is necessary for this roster.

While doing that, the Lakers are going to take their time finding their flow and rhythm, even at the expense of the current results. Laker fans are going to need to accept that and be patient. Russell Westbrook may not find his 'place and flow' within the offense until the third or fourth game of the season. James may not play in the games people want him to. Patience. That's the name of the game for the Lakers, and for Laker fans.