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In a rematch against the team that sent the Lakers packing last season, the Lakers fell flat 115-105. The score was not at all a true indicator to what transpired on the court. At one point in the third quarter, the Lakers fell behind by close to thirty points. The atmosphere was tense as fans were quick to blame the referees for the pounding the Lakers took. The Lakers dropped their second game and remain winless throughout the preseason and regular season. They return to Staples Center on Sunday in hopes to finally getting one in the win column.

Anthony Davis-Dwight Howard Scuffle on Bench

During the second quarter, where the Suns outscored the Lakers 34-18, Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis got into a scuffle on the bench during a timeout. As both players were walking to the bench, Davis shouted something in Howard’s direction, who seemingly ignored him and went back to the bench. As Howard stood up from the bench, Davis approached him while still having words. Once Davis grabbed Howard’s arm, Dwight became agitated and both had to be separated before things could escalate any further.

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Foul Trouble Lead to the Lakers Downfall

Both Davis and Russell Westbrook picked up two quick fouls in the first quarter. Once that happened the Lakers and the fans alike seemed to turn on the referees. LeBron James picked up his third foul at the 10:35 mark in the second quarter. After review, it was upgraded to a flagrant foul, for what the referees saw as James sticking his foot out on purpose during a Jae Chowder shot. The game quickly turned against the Lakers as they fell behind double digits after that point.

LeBron James Gave Up on Team Possession

During one juncture of the fourth quarter, James seemed to quit on his team as he did not bother even running back past the half court line to join his team on defense. At this point the Lakers were down big, but that still was not a good look on the King for just standing there and watching his team play 4 on 5 on the other side. This happened also at the end of the Lakers elimination game vs the same Suns, James spent two possessions not running back on defense, while complaining to the referees.