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Lakers News: Russell Westbrook Exchanges Words with a Fan Sitting Courtside

Russell Westbrook shut down a fan who was criticizing him while sitting courtside.

On Thursday night the Lakers played their final preseason game against the Kings. It ended as another preseason loss for the Lakers, which makes them 0-6. Not the outcome anyone wants, but time will tell if it is actually worrying.

That was not the only thing that happened that night though. Russell Westbrook seemed to get into it with a fan that was sitting courtside. The fan told Westbrook if he dyed his hair he would play better. Don’t worry, Westbrook made sure to tell him how he felt. 

Westbrook has been in the spotlight for a long time, so he knows how to handle fans that get a little too comfortable yelling at him. In the past, Westbrook put another fan in their place while walking into the tunnel at a Jazz game in Utah in 2018.

Although this was a more serious altercation, Westbrook was very straightforward about how he only has instances like this when fans confront him and are disrespectful. 

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However, it has not all been bad experiences with the NBA All-Star and his fan interactions. He has definitely given fans memories they will remember for a lifetime. When he was playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, he made sure to gives fans a reason to remember him. After having an incredible game, Westbrook gave two young fans his shoes. 

Westbrook is not shy when it comes to fans, just try to stay on his good side and you never know what might come from it.