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The spotlight will once again be on the Lakers this season but not for good reasons. After winning it all in 2020, the team took a drastic step back as they walked into the 2021-2022 season with a new but not improved roster. While the question will be how will the team bounce back from that, an even bigger question looms. 

Of course, that question is, what does the future hold for LeBron James. There has been a lot of talk about where LeBron James will play after this season. 

James is eligible to sign an extension with the Lakers, but with his son, Bronny scheduled to potentially join the league in 2024, it's unknown how much longer James will stay. He's already made it known that he wants to play alongside his son, wherever that may be.

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However, one former Laker and three-time champion weighed in on what he thinks will happen while attending Clayton Kershaw's Ping Pong 4 Purpose charity event on Monday. Robert Horry, who spent 7 seasons with the Lakers, had this to say about LeBron.

"LeBron ain't going nowhere. He got the Hollywood in him now. He got the movies. He got so many contacts out there. He can't do that if he goes to Cleveland or Miami or anywhere else. You gotta stay here. He's a Laker for the rest of his ... 13 more years he's gonna play."

Horry, may have a point, or he may not. Would all that outweigh playing with his son, something that would be a rare feat - especially in the NBA? I guess we will have to wait and see if the relationship between the Lakers and James will survive a bit longer. The outcome of this season may very well affect his decision, and future years to come.