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The Lakers may still be struggling to stay consistent on both ends of the court, but Russell Westbrook is largely not to blame for that lately.

Over the past seven games, the Brodie is averaging 23.4 points, 7.4 rebounds, 8.6 assists on 49.6% shooting. Additionally, for his standards, he is only turning the ball over 3.6 times, something that is considered impressive from him.

Obviously, LeBron James has only played a few of games the past couple weeks, but it is still important for Westbrook to get more comfortable sooner rather than later. The spacing may never really be there with these two, but the two veterans should be able to accentuate their strengths on the court, and hopefully minimize their weaknesses.

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After practice a couple days ago, the former UCLA baller talked about how he was getting more comfortable.

“Only reason it’s naturally for me the last four seasons is because I’ve been playing for four different teams, so I have to figure out a way to be effective, that’s best for the team given to me. With that, it’s a process I never waver from, a process I never panic, I just constantly watch film and figure out how to better myself for my team, and that’s all I can do.”

Westbrook has had to learn to adjust drastically in each of his last three years. After all the years as a number one option in Oklahoma City, he had to learn to play with James Harden as a secondary option, especially with a stoppage dealt by the pandemic. Last year, he had to overcome some early season injuries in Washington to help push the Wizards into the playoffs. This year, he has had to adjust without the ball as much as he is used to playing alongside James and Anthony Davis.

He has a track record of playing better as the season comes along, and hopefully this will continue as he gets more comfortable playing in a Lakers uniform this season.

“That’s why I never really worry anything happening in the first two weeks of the NBA season, because things can change as the season prolongs. As a player you want to get better, not stay the same or get worse.”