Lakers: Some LA Fans Express Frustration Over Latest Rumors

Apparently looking into this aging veteran was a bridge too far...
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The jokes have been going on all off-season. The Lakers are old. Between the new nickname (please don't let this stick during the season) of "LAARP," which is of course "Lakers" plus AARP, and the constant questions guys like Carmelo Anthony has been answering about their collective age--the Lakers age is definitely a concern.

There has been more. Recently the Lakers were linked to giving Darren Collison a look at their training camp. Collison is on the other side of 34 years old and oh, he hasn't played a minute in the NBA for over two seasons. Still, Collison has some upside based on his last season's numbers and giving him a look was not terribly egregious. 

Then came this news from yesterday.

I have to admit something. I saw this yesterday too from a less reputable source and I assumed it was fake. I thought it was a joke based on the aforementioned premise that the Lakers roster was old. Monta Ellis? The man has not played in the NBA since the 2016-17 NBA season, and his numbers for the Pacers that year were not particularly great.

That's right--Monta Ellis has not played in the NBA since Paul George was an Indiana Pacer. 

Well it appears this was the camel that broke the camel's back for a lot of Laker fans. Most responses to the tweet above are NSFW, so I will let anyone who wants to read them click on the tweet themselves. 

Here's the thing though. After the initial shock of seeing Ellis's name, this is not a big deal. Ellis is not likely to make training camp or the Lakers roster. It could be a situation where he asked for a chance and is certainly earned one. Ellis has some good years in the NBA. Also, he has played for Frank Vogel before. 

I admit, it's funny. A team full of older slashing guards, even I made jokes. Hey, is Corey Maggette available?