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A decision that's been expected is now confirmed. Frank Vogel will no longer be the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Vogel's imminent firing late on Sunday evening.

The news broke right as the Lakers were wrapping up a 146-141 overtime victory over the Denver Nuggets. The timing, was awkward to say the least. Reporters asked Vogel in the post game press conference about his job status. Vogel responded:

"I haven't been told s--- and I'm going to enjoy tonight's game, celebrate what these young guys did in terms of scratching and clawing and getting back in this game and getting a win, and we'll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow,"

Vogel was then asked if he had been notified of the breaking news prior to the post game press conference and how it affected the locker room. 

"Yes. I'm going to enjoy tonight's game and what our guys did tonight and the way we finished out this season."

It was yet another example of how Vogel has kept his cool throughout a difficult season full of rumors and reports about.

The bigger question is why did the Lakers organization leak the information to Woj when they did? Couldn't they at least have let Vogel soak up one of the team's 33 wins for just a few more minutes before having to field questions about the report in real time?

Either way, there will be a new head coach on the sidelines next season for the Lakers.