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Tom Brady and LeBron James are two very different athletes, but two of the best to ever do it. On Monday afternoon, LeBron held an impromptu "Q&A" on Twitter. Plenty of fans and blue-check-mark folks chimed in with their questions for the Lakers superstar.

Including, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. 

Of course, LeBron wasn't going to ghost football's G.O.AT.

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Now that is a television event that the sports masses would tune in for. Brady and James clad in hockey gear going at it in a shootout on the ice for all the marbles. 

It's likely never going to happen, but it would certainly be a spectacle. Two of the greatest athletes of all-time in full hockey gear trying to score on one another. Honestly, James might be the better goalie just based on sheer size. Could he even fit his 6'9" frame between the posts?

It's a question we'll probably never get the answer to.