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Lakers Fans Aren’t Taking Any Caruso Slander

The Bulls have only played three games in the preseason, but the fans in the Windy City are quickly realizing what an asset Caruso is. Laker fans are definitely rolling their eyes and still wish that Caruso was still in the Purple and Gold.

First Quarter of the Lakers-Warriors Friday Game Was Ugly

Both teams combined to shoot 15 of 48 shots in the first quarter, and the Internet was going off. Here is a sequence of how bad the first quarter got.

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Russell Westbrook Had a Brutal First Quarter Debut

As easy as Russell Westbrook makes triple doubles look, he will on occasion do things on the court that make people wonder if he knows how to play basketball. The first quarter of Friday’s game was the latter.

LeBron James Is Enjoying a Football Game, When He Has a Game to Play on the Same Day

Earlier today, the Cleveland Browns were in town to play against the Chargers at SoFi Stadium. The camera panned to LeBron James cheering on his Browns, and the Internet quickly pointing out that the Lakers were playing tonight. LeBron further cements his stance on how much he cares about preseason basketball.