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The Lakers have not had much to rave about the past few weeks. So it was noteworthy when one feel good story was the resurrection of Isaiah Thomas' career. After just one game in the G-League, where he lit it up for 42 points, he signed a ten-day contract with the Lakers.

In his first game for the Lakers, he played well, scoring 19 points on 12 shots in just under 22 minutes. However, after this impressive debut, his production dropped off with each game. His scoring dropped off game by game from 13 to three then to two. His minutes started to evaporate and it was evident that his fit with the Lakers was not meant to be.

Combined with the arrival of Darren Collison and Thomas’ ten-day contract expected to end tomorrow, it became more apparent that Thomas second stint with the purple and gold would come to an end. Now we have confirmation.

The writing was on the wall when Isaiah Thomas did not see the floor at all during Christmas Day’s game against Brooklyn Nets. Even Collison, who had last played in the league in 2019, saw 12 minutes on the court, ahead of Thomas.

However, this should not be considered disappointing for Thomas. He has successful made it back to the league, and shown that he can still hoop. As reports have said, there are still teams interested in his services after his contract expires. The best-case scenario for him is to join a lottery team where he will be allowed to create opportunities with the ball.