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Last week, none other than the NBA prophet himself LaVar Ball prognosticated that two-time All-Star Zach Lavine would not be re-signing with the Bulls, but instead, be playing for the Lakers next year. Now, as NBA fans have come to know, LaVar says a lot of things.

In a TMZ Sports video that was posted on Tuesday morning, Lavine is asked if he had anything to say to Lakers fans as he and his wife were preparing to leave from dinner. The swingman kept it pretty short and sweet.

"Always been a big fan."

Lavine was also asked what he had to say about LaVar's comments about him returning to the city where he played his college ball at UCLA.

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"Me and Lonzo boys."

Perhaps it was a hint that LaVar was just talking, and not communicating some inside information from one of his son's teammates.

Earlier this month, NBA salary cap expert Eric Pincus labeled Lavine coming to the Lakers as "very difficult". Pincus explained that the only path to Lavine becoming a Laker is a sign-and-trade, which comes with a host of challenges. 

"The only real solution would be a sign-and-trade, which presents different issues, most notably an approximate $155.7 million hard spending limit for the 2022-23 season. With just James, Davis and LaVine under contract, the Lakers would only have $36.6 million to flesh out the remainder of the roster. Keeping Westbrook and his $47.1 million is a non-starter."

That information, coupled with multiple reports that the Lakers do not want to trade Russell Westbrook if it means sending out any first-round picks, points to the odds of Lavine actually coming to the Lakers being pretty slim.

But this is what a Lakers offseason is after the team disappoints - rumors flying around faster than the speed of light.