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Lakers Rookie Austin Reaves Has the Absolute Best Nickname

How do you endear yourselves to Laker fans immediately? This is how.
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Lakers rookie Austin Reaves hasn't played a single minute on the floor in the NBA, much less for the Lakers. Earlier on Tuesday during the Lakers Media Day, he let slip that he had a nickname in college, and it already makes it the best nickname on the team: 

Hillbilly Kobe.

How did he get this incredible nickname? Growing up on a farm “in the middle of nowhere” in Arkansas as he described it. 

“I was like ‘What are you even talking about?’ He was like ‘HBK.’ I was like ‘What?’ He was like ‘Hillbilly Kobe,’” said Reaves. “One of my teammates heard it and it just stuck. For three years, that’s what they said around Oklahoma, and then I guess people caught wind of it elsewhere.”

Reaves did confess he was a big Kobe Bryant fan. He also revealed his fandom for Bryant came from his grandmother. Obviously his grandmother is through the roof that her grandson is donning the Purple and Gold.

“She’s just happy and proud of me. She was a diehard Kobe fan. Just being in this situation is surreal to her. She’s more than proud for me, and really just wants me to be happy and succeed.”

If anyone's reaction was funnier than Talen Horton-Tucker's, I don't think I could handle it.

Now a full time member of the Lakers, here's to hoping Reaves can live up to his namesake, because it's terrific. If anything, there will be fun coming up with new nicknames to add onto this. Bring on the memes!