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Magic Film Study: Jalen Suggs Acting as 'Chaos Engine'

Jalen Suggs is carving out his role for the Orlando Magic. It may not be the flashiest, but it plays a massive part in the team's success.

ORLANDO - The Orlando Magic has a bunch of young players with a ton of upside, which can prove to be difficult to navigate.

With so many players needing development and playing time, some players can get lost in the shuffle.

Jalen Suggs, the No. 5 overall pick in last year's draft, has battled through a bunch of injuries during his brief NBA career, but he's carved a role for himself with the Magic.

"As Suggs searches for his jumper and some defining role, he has contributed to the Orlando Magic -- 20-15 in their last 35 games -- as something of a chaos engine," ESPN writes. "He throws himself into rebounding frays, rushes up the floor in transition, and defends hard at both guard positions.

"Keep an eye on Suggs. He is perhaps Orlando's biggest swing factor in the next few seasons."

Suggs may not have a long-term role in the starting lineup for the Magic, but he has proven himself to be a difference-maker, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

"If he continues at the rate he is, he will be an All-First Team defensive player," head coach Jamahl Mosley said earlier this month.

In a play here against the Denver Nuggets, Suggs comes to help Paolo Banchero block Aaron Gordon's path on the baseline. Gordon kicks it out and appears to take a backseat on the play, but Suggs is able to return to his man and contest a corner three, which ends up missing.

In another game earlier this month against the Chicago Bulls, Suggs is able to defend an elite scorer in DeMar DeRozan and force him to commit an offensive foul.

Suggs' job when he walks on the court is to give the other team hell, and that is an archetype necessary for contending teams. The more he plays, the better he'll get on the defensive end.

And if that offensive game can progress as well, he'll prove why he was a top 5 pick.

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