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Mavs Malcolm Brogdon Idea? PG Traded to Celtics

With Jalen Brunson out, a possible option to fill that void is also gone.

DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks lost on Jalen Brunson as the New York Knicks are signing  the young point guard away from the Mavs.

We had previously speculated: So what happens if Brunson decides to take on an expanded role and leaves for New York? Where do the Mavericks go from there to make up his production? One potential solution could be for Dallas to try to acquire Malcolm Brogdon from the Indiana Pacers.

Alas, that’s now off the table as well.

Brogdon has been traded to the Boston Celtics as Pacers appear to be embarking on a rebuild as they employ several young core guards such as Tyrese Haliburton and Chris Duarte.

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Brogdon has been a model of consistency since his time in college as a Virginia Cavalier. In college, he averaged 18 points and four rebounds per game. He shot a respectable 39 percent from 3. This past season, he averaged 19 points, five rebounds and six assists for Indiana. His percentage from 3 did drop to his lowest of his career at 31.6 percent, however, he still averages around 37 percent for his career.

To pull a trade like this off, it would more than likely have meant the Mavericks including Tim Hardaway Jr. in a swap. Hardaway and Brogdon’s salaries are virtually similar. The Mavericks proved last season that they can win without Hardaway Jr, as he recovered from a broken foot. Brogdon could have provided the consistency that the Mavericks had from Brunson last season, and he could also probably use a change of scenery.

And now Brunson and Brogdon have those changes … without Dallas involved.