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Ex-NBA Player Doesn't Think Many MVP Voters Like Mavs' Luka Doncic

Mavs superstar Luka Doncic isn't receiving more MVP consideration because the voters have a particular reason not to like him, says one former NBA player.

DALLAS — Luka Doncic's statistics speak volumes as he continues to make NBA history while guiding the Dallas Mavericks. Some have questioned why Doncic hasn't received more MVP consideration.

Entering Wednesday's game against the Golden State Warriors, Doncic has averaged 34.6 points, 9.9 assists, and 9.1 rebounds over 57 games. The Mavs have secured a 34-23 record with him in the lineup. Furthermore, he's notched 17 triple-doubles, including a historic streak of six consecutive 30-point triple-doubles and five straight 35-point triple-doubles, both setting new NBA records.

Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM Radio, former NBA player Eddie Johnson pointedly criticized Doncic's on-court behavior, suggesting it might be the reason behind a lack of favor with MVP voters. 

"Here's the thing with Luka. I don't think a lot of the voters like him," Johnson said, "See, and I think that's what Luka has to improve on. And not that he's not a nice guy. I think he's obviously his teammates like him. It's just his demeanor on the basketball court."

Johnson further commented on how Doncic's frequent disputes with referees and visible frustrations on the court could be alienating him from MVP voters.

"I just think he gets into it," Johnson explained. "He complains a lot and I think it turns some people off and I'm thinking it might turn some voters off because he is having a great year, man. You cannot ignore it. But it's something with him that I think, and you just said it, that you feel like some voters aren't going to vote for him."

Johnson's controversial remarks concluded that Doncic's on-court approach may need to change or it may continue to overshadow his undeniable prowess and potentially affect his MVP candidacy.

"Well, if some of them are thinking that way, I think a lot of it is because maybe they're not, they haven't gravitated to him and his way on the basketball court," Johnson concluded. "And that's something he has to change."

As the debate heats up, the main factor for Doncic's MVP considerations remains the Mavs' ranking in the Western Conference standings. Dallas has remained in the play-in picture often, limiting his standing among the top candidates.