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Mavs Star Luka Doncic: On 'NBA Top 75 Greatest Players' List?

"When you look at what he’s been able to do early on in his career, he has got it.'' - Mark Jackson on Luka Doncic as a top-75 NBA all-timer.

We're not going to argue against it.

Rather, we're just going to soak it in.

"If it was me voting, he’s on the list.”

Voting for what? The NBA's "Top 75 All-Time Players'' list.

And who is speaking? Ex-Warriors coach and now-broadcaster Mark Jackson.

And who are we talking about? Via Shannon Sharpe’s podcast Club Shay Shay, Jackson is making a case for Luka Doncic to be part of the NBA’s Top 75 Greatest Players list

“The one guy that you named to me,'' said Jackson, "(who) could well very be on the top-75 player list that comes out pretty soon. And people say will there be a sleeper that’s young, but Luka Doncic is the real deal. 

"When you look at what he’s been able to do early on in his career, he has got it.''

Too early? 

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Too bold?

Maybe. But let's let it soak in.

As part of its 75th anniversary, the NBA will be creating and releasing a list of the 75 greatest players to ever perform in the league. There are the obvious selections that are beyond debate. Michael Jordan. LeBron James. Guys at that level - an iconic level.

There will be others, maybe at the back end of the 75, who will be debated. Did they win titles? What about the numbers? And what if they are so modern-era, or, at age 22 so new and so young, that the cement on their legacy isn't close to being dry yet?

Maybe that's Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks.

After three seasons, Doncic is doing everything exactly right as the heir to the Mavs' franchise throne previously owned by Dirk Nowitzki. (Who, by the way, should be in the top 75 with no debate.) Is he there yet? What about the numbers? What about the All-NBA selections? What about true championship contention?

Debate away. We're just gonna soak it all in.

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