DALLAS - If you have a connection in any way to the Dallas Mavericks, you surely find your memories of the 2011 NBA championship to be indelible ones.

Unless you were a pre-teen kid growing up in Slovenia.

"Honestly, I don't know nothing'' about that season, says Luka Doncic. "I was too young to watch the NBA."

Luka, lest we forget, is only 22 years old and, well, his honesty is refreshing. He obviously knows about the title run, having been a teammate of Dirk Nowitzki and now in his third season being immersed in Dallas culture.

But his job is to serve as the face of the Mavs franchise (and one of the faces of the NBA) ... and it has all happened so quickly that there hasn't really been much time for history lessons.

Still, as the Mavs are about to embark on their 2021 NBA Playoffs run, with hopes of winning a series for the first time in a decade, there might be value in Doncic taking some time to be schooled.

Luka was 12 at the time. And he was likely fairly busy doing what kids do - plus playing basketball at a high level. A year later, the future Mavs would sign his first pro contract when he hooked up with Real Madrid. A few years later, at the age of 16, he made his professional debut for the Spanish club ... and shortly thereafter became an international superstar.

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But lessons to learn? Luka Doncic will, like Dirk before him, be the central reason Dallas succeed in these playoffs, which get underway following the Mavs' regular-season finale at Minnesota tonight. Dallas (42-29) can still finish either fifth or sixth in the West - though the most likely scenario is a win that would put the Mavs at 5 and readying to oppose No. 4 Denver.

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At which point, with all due respect to Dirk and friends, Luka and company can begin to make their own playoff memories.