Mavs Twitter Account 'Grabs' Chance to Poke at Lakers and Referees

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks coaches and players have expressed their displeasure with a game-changing call in Friday's 119-110 OT loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. But nobody in the organization has expressed their displeasure as cleverly as the Mavs' Twitter account.

By now, you know the play in question. LA's Danny Green pushed the game at the AAC into overtime with his buzzer-beating corner 3-pointer. Where was defender Seth Curry? Why was he not in position to better contest the shot?

Because Green's LA teammate Dwight Howard essentially tackled Curry in order to prevent his involvement.

Here's the big shot from Green (and credit to him) ...

But you don't have to stare too closely to see that along with the big shot is a bigger foul, Curry being grabbed and held by been Howard.

Assorted Mavs spoke out about the play. Said Dorian Finney-Smith: “It looked like Dwight was holding Seth a little bit on that back screen. But we know how it goes. It’s basketball.'' And coach Rick Carlisle pretty much putting the topper on it by saying, "I was upset, too, but I’m not going to spend 50-grand to criticize. It just doesn’t make sense.'' (See more in Mavs-Lakers QUOTEBOARD.)

But Mavs Twitter topped the topper, clever spinning the awful non-call into a mock-sales opportunity.

"MFFLs, make sure you grab a new Mavs jersey before the next game!''

Negate Green's make (which tied the game at 103-all) and give Howard his earned foul and give Curry his earned free throws and Dallas easily walks away with a win. ... and we're celebrating how Luka Doncic and company out-dueled LeBron James and Anthony Davis and the Lakers.

Instead? Dallas drops to 3-2 and is left clinging to a "moral victory,'' clinging just as firmly and desperately as Howard clung to Curry.