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Does Doncic Workout Tie Dragic To Mavs?

Luka Doncic continuing to work out with Dragic in Slovenia has reignited the idea.

DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks set out to add a secondary ball-handler next to Luka Doncic this offseason but have yet to do so. With Goran Dragic still a member of the Toronto Raptors, could the Mavs rectify the situation? was among those to report about the Mavericks being a potential eventual landing spot for Dragic. However, while still possible, the noise has since quieted as training camp starts gradually approaching.

During an interview with a TV station in Slovenia shortly after the Kyle Lowry sign-and-trade, Dragic mentioned how he has 'higher ambitions' than to play for the Raptors. As one might expect, this created quite a stir among Toronto's fanbase.

While Lowry is now a member of the Miami Heat, the Raptors still have more than enough backcourt talent between Fred VanVleet, Malachi Flynn, and Gary Trent Jr. 

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The Raptors could be best-served re-routing Dragic to a new destination around the NBA to add a piece at a position that needs to be addressed. 

There hasn't been a major development of any sort in the Dragic situation. It's at least worth noting that on Doncic's Instagram story, he shared a photo of him that includes Dragic, only further sparking speculation about an eventual trade to the Mavericks.

The options are limited for the Mavericks to find a solution to their secondary-ball handler needs. Lowry was initially a target ahead of free agency, but his desire to land with the Heat unraveled Dallas' chances before even getting a chance. 

There are risks associated with the idea of acquiring Dragic, given his age (35) and recent durability concerns. However, adding his shot creation, playmaking, and general standout playoff contributions are too much to pass up.  

More factors for the Mavericks to take into consideration include Dragic's relationship with Doncic. Showing the two-time All-NBA First-Team recipient that he plays for an organization intent on making moves to his satisfaction is another layer, too. 

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With limited trade assets, the Mavericks likely will be limited to waiting out the Dragic situation. Could a buyout happen between Dragic and the Raptors? Or will Dallas need to look to make a trade? Those will be key storylines to track. 

On a side note, Doncic looks to be still very much in shape in the photo. His participation in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with Slovenia helped maintain a strong level of conditioning ahead of training camp.